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Providing Next-Generation Care That Delivers Superior Outcomes

Texas Knee Institute strives to provide the most comprehensive and advanced treatment for knee osteoarthritis. Our team of interventional radiologists plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Our doctors specialize in genicular artery embolization (GAE), an innovative approach to reducing knee osteoarthritis symptoms. We aim to provide patients with a more targeted and effective solution, improving their quality of life and helping them regain mobility through this minimally invasive procedure.

With their abundant skills, vast experience, and dedication to patient care, our doctors continue to impact our diverse patients' lives positively.

Our Providers

Portrait of Dr Hardee

Dr. Eric Hardee

Introducing Dr. Eric Hardee, M.D., a board-certified interventional radiologist specializing in venous treatments, including genicular artery embolization for knee osteoarthritis relief. Revered by both peers and patients for his extensive expertise, Dr. Hardee delivers unparalleled care.

Portrait of Dr Fox

Dr. William Fox

Introducing Dr. William Fox, a highly respected interventional radiologist and the medical director at our central Houston office. As a co-founder of Texas Knee Institute and Texas Endovascular, his dedication to accessible healthcare solutions has made a lasting impact. Dr. Fox's credentials, expertise, and compassionate approach have earned him the utmost respect and trust as a medical professional.

Portrait of Dr Armstrong

Dr. Ryan Armstrong

Dr. Ryan Armstrong is a highly experienced interventional radiologist with more than 15 years of practice. He is widely acknowledged for his expertise, holding affiliations with prestigious institutions such as HCA Houston Medical Center, HCA Kingwood, and Oakbend Medical Center. Dr. Armstrong's dedication to his profession and his steadfast commitment to patient care have earned him admiration from both patients and colleagues alike.

Portrait of Dr Carlson

Dr. Luke Carlson

Dr. Luke Carlson, an interventional radiologist, is dedicated to providing his patients with the utmost care. Fusing his proficiency in vascular interventional radiology with a compassionate demeanor, he ensures that every individual receives tailored and efficient treatment. With over ten years of experience as a physician at the Dallas Veterans Administration Medical Center, he has devoted a significant portion of his career to supporting the health and welfare of U.S. veterans.

Portrait of Dr Valenson

Dr. A.J. Valenson

Introducing Dr. A.J. Valenson, a board-certified interventional radiologist dedicated to delivering outstanding endovascular care to diverse communities. 

Proficient in Spanish, he sensitively navigates cultural intricacies and healthcare obstacles. Dr. Valenson prioritizes patient relationships, actively listening to concerns and fostering comprehensive comprehension through transparent communication.

Photo of Sarah

Sarah Applegate, Physician Assistant

Meet Sarah Applegate, a devoted Houston native and seasoned physician assistant with over seven years of expertise in vascular treatment.

Sarah's academic journey is marked by excellence, holding a bachelor's degree in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M University and a master's degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Baylor College of Medicine.

After completing her studies at Baylor, Sarah spent two years in internal medicine before transitioning her focus to vascular and interventional radiology, demonstrating her commitment to specialized care.

Residing in Katy with her husband, two children, and two golden retrievers, Sarah prioritizes family time. She pursues personal interests such as supporting the Astros and Aggie sports teams, spending time outdoors, and maintaining an active lifestyle through exercise.

Photo of Katie

Katie Connor, Physician Assistant

Introducing Katie, originally hailing from Nashville and now a proud resident of Houston, captivated by the city's vibrant culture and diverse culinary scene.

Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Lincoln Memorial University School of Medical Science, where she graduated summa cum laude, Katie brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice.

With a background rooted in emergency medicine, Katie's enthusiasm lies in managing vascular diseases, specializing in venous disease, peripheral arterial disease, and genicular artery embolization. She takes immense pride in nurturing lasting connections with her patients.

Located in central Houston, Katie thrives in the urban environment, indulging in culinary explorations at local eateries and maintaining an active lifestyle alongside friends.

Photo of Keonna

Keonna Parham, Physician Assistant

Meet Keonna, originally hailing from Louisiana and now a proud Houstonian, fully immersed in the city's dynamic culture.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern University and A&M College and a Master's of Physician Assistant Studies from Louisiana State University School Health Sciences Center, Keonna brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice.

With a background rooted in Orthopedic Trauma and Interventional Pain Management, Keonna's genuine passion lies in the care and management of vascular diseases. Her commitment to patient care is unparalleled, reflecting her dedication to providing exceptional healthcare services.

Residing in Katy with her husband and son, Keonna treasures invaluable family moments. During her free time, she travels to new destinations, volunteers with her esteemed Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and enthusiastically supports her alma mater, the Southern University Jaguars.

Photo of Christa

Christa Duarte, Family Nurse Practitioner

Meet Christa, a dedicated healthcare professional with an extensive educational background. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health from Texas A&M University, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center.

Christa's qualifications are exceptional, and her professional journey is diverse. She has been a Nurse Practitioner in Allergy, ENT, and urgent care settings. Previously, she worked as a registered nurse at Houston Methodist Hospital, specializing in OB/GYN care. Christa's unwavering commitment to patient well-being drives her professional endeavors, as she aims to make a meaningful impact on those under her care.

Christa enjoys spending time with her husband and cherished dogs outside of work. She enjoys exploring new cuisine at local eateries, staying active with her Peloton, and passionately supporting her favorite teams, the Fightin' Texas Aggies and the Houston Astros.

Photo of Molly

Molly DiMola, Family Nurse Practitioner

Molly is a healthcare professional from the North Carolina foothills who proudly calls Houston home.

Molly's academic journey began at the University of North Carolina in 2012, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Public Health. Continuing her education at George Washington University, Molly achieved both BSN and FNP degrees with summa cum laude honors.

With a rich background encompassing five years of experience as an emergency room registered nurse and travel nurse, Molly's career has led her across the globe. From conducting HIV/AIDS research in Africa to contributing to outbreak mitigation efforts in Orange County, CA, she brings a wealth of diverse experiences to her practice.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Molly enjoys exploring Houston's vibrant culture, traveling, running, cooking culinary delights, and challenging herself at her local CrossFit gym. Her unwavering dedication to healthcare and zest for life make her a cherished member of the healthcare and Houston communities.

Photo of Diana

Diana Garcia, Family Nurse Practitioner

Diana Garcia, a native of Houston and devoted Family Nurse Practitioner, embarked on her educational journey at Texas A&M University, where she obtained both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Nursing, specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner studies.

With extensive experience spanning primary care, women's health, and managing acute and chronic diseases—including expertise in vascular conditions and knee health—Diana brings a comprehensive skill set to her practice. Furthermore, she holds certification in neonatal intensive care nursing (RNC-NIC), refining her skills over seven years at prestigious institutions such as Houston Methodist and The Woman's Hospital of Texas.

Outside of her professional life, Diana relishes a fulfilling existence with her husband near the West Bay of Galveston. She finds fulfillment in volunteering for her church and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and indulging in hobbies such as reading, practicing yoga, and outdoor adventures like hunting and fishing with her husband and beloved dogs.

Diana's steadfast commitment to healthcare excellence and vibrant personality make her a cherished member of the Houston community.

Photo of Carrie

Carrie Pottmeyer, Physician Assistant

A proud Houstonian, Carrie embarked on a distinctive and captivating journey to becoming a physician assistant. Her educational voyage commenced with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University, laying the foundation for her future in the medical realm.

For six years, Carrie honed her skills as a field clinical specialist in Abbott's cardiac rhythm management and ablation divisions in the Dallas area. Driven to broaden her medical knowledge and take on greater patient care responsibilities, she pursued advanced education at Baylor College of Medicine, earning her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.

Today, Carrie brings her wealth of experience to the Texas Knee Institute, specializing in neuro/spine interventional radiology and focusing on treating knee osteoarthritis and vascular diseases.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Carrie leads a vibrant life. You'll often find her at Pure Barre, engrossed in her latest read and connecting with fellow book enthusiasts on Goodreads. She delights in planning exciting travel adventures, relishing meals at her favorite restaurants with friends, and cherishing moments with her family.

Photo of Megan

Megan Huckabay, Family Nurse Practitioner

Megan, a proud Texan native hailing from Dallas, holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Texas Tech University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Woman’s University with a specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner.

With experience in pediatrics, vascular, and general surgery, she is dedicated to serving underserved communities with compassion.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Megan remains active, exploring the vibrant offerings of the DFW area, participating in church activities, and cherishing moments spent with loved ones.

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Before your consultation, we strongly encourage you to visit our patient resources page. This page is designed to provide all the necessary information and patient forms to ensure a smooth and hassle-free visit.

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