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Top Knee Replacement Alternatives for 2024

Posted on February 20, 2024

If you've been suffering with osteoarthritis of the knee, but want less invasive pain relief, you may be searching for knee replacement alternatives. Thankfully, due to advancements in the medical field, there are many ways to relieve your pain without surgery. Here are the procedures your need to know about.

Knee replacement alternatives: genicular artery embolization (GAE)

GAE is one of newest treatment options if you're seeking non-surgical knee replacement alternatives. Performed by our Interventional Radiologists at the Texas Knee Institute, this procedure works by restricting blood flow to the inflamed lining of your affected knee(s). Afterward, inflammation reduces, reducing or eliminating your knee pain. In fact, this 2020 study revealed that the procedure effectively reduces moderate to severe knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Plus, by choosing to undergo GAE, you may prevent arthritis progression and help preserve your mobility.

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Injections to Relieve Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Other knee replacement alternatives involve injections to your affected joint area. Some physicians recommend injecting hyaluronic acid to your inflamed knee joint, in order to reduce pain by lubricating the area and offering additional shock absorption. However, due to limited research on its effectiveness, the Arthritis Foundation does not currently endorse this treatment option.

Another option making headlines is dextrose solution injections for osteoarthritis knee pain. Touted as a form of regenerative medicine due to its potential to reduce pain and stiffness by directing healing blood flow to your knee, this option also lacks research on its effectiveness. As such, it is also not endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation.

Finally, for patients with mild to moderate arthritis knee pain, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections may relieve pain and improve mobility for up to one year. The treatment works by injecting the platelet-rich portion of your own blood into your affected knee, helping promote healing and healthy new cell growth. While patient reported results are positive, we still lack scientific research into the safety and efficacy of this knee replacement alternative.

Scientifically Backed Knee Replacement Alternatives

Want to relieve arthritis knee pain without surgery? But looking for knee replacement alternatives who's efficacy can be proven by science? Click here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointment at the Texas Knee Institute to see if you're a candidate for GAE!

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